Ecotoxicology. Laboratory Exercises

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Environmental protection is a policy goal in most countries, from the viewpoints of both conservation of natural resources as well as ecosystem services and public health protection. Since many chemicals are detected in water in very low concentrations or are present in concentrations below the level of detection, there is a substantial need to develop sensitive assays capable of monitoring toxicity in the environment.
In the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering issues related to ecotoxicology were introduced in the nineteen seventies. Then the field of environmental toxicology was developed by the team of the Department of Biology under the guidance of professor Zofia Kańska and, after her, professor Maria Łebkowska and professor Monika Załęska-Radziwiłł. Their efforts led to the introduction of the subject “Basics of environmental toxicology” to the curriculum in the fields of “Environmental Protection”, “Bioeconomy” in Polish and created in 2009 English-language field of study “Environmental Engineering”. It was the establishment of the English-language courses that created the need to write the set of protocols and manuals for exercises and thus contributed directly to this textbook.
This prescript is intended for students of universities in which subjects relate to the impact of pollution on water biocenoses and for employees of institutions related to water protection.
The materials contained in the textbook do not exhaust the issues in the field of environmental toxicology, but they are the beginning of the didactic publishing activity in this field in English.
A special note of thanks to Adam Muszyński, PhD, DSc, Eng. for providing scientific materials used in this textbook and for his professional advice; to Magda Bińkowska, EwaŁukomska and Agnieszka Lechniak for valuable technical support.

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