Cybersecurity Research, Education and Management: University Perspective


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In this paper, we focus on those aspects of cybersecurity that are most relevant to universities, intending to provide academic communities with some knowledge that might be useful in their research, education and administration activities related to cybersecurity.
The remaining part of the paper is organised as follows. In Section 2, we present basic characteristics of cybersecurity research, its scope and organisation, focusing on initiatives and activities relevant to universities. In Section 3, we show the landscape of cybersecurity education at universities, focusing on competencies acquired by beneficiaries of the educational provision. In Section 4, we discuss challenges faced by universities seen as institutions that have to assure a sufficient level of cybersecurity for their operation. Section 5 presents – as a case study – the developments in cybersecurity research, education and organization taking place at the Warsaw University of Technology. We conclude the paper with a few observations regarding the future developments in cybersecurity, relevant to universities.

Wydanie: 1, 2021
Format: B5
Stron: 134
ISBN 978-83-8156-317-8 (print)
ISBN 978-83-8156-330-7 (online)

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