Hydraulic Systems in Heavy Construction Equipment

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Książka jest angielskojęzycznym odpowiednikiem opracowania – Układy hydrauliczne w maszynach roboczych (OWPW, Warszawa 2021)

The authors of the publication entitled „Hydraulic systems in heavy construction equipment”, want to acquaint students of mechanical faculties and operators of working and construction machinery with the fundamental knowledge of the designing of hydraulic systems, both their cylinders and control elements. The manuscript presents information on hydrokinetic and hydrostatic hydraulic systems. The work discusses the basic components of hydraulic systems used in working machinery, in particular: hydraulic pumps and motors, cylinders, valves, directional control valves, accumulators.

Chapter one of this book discusses the basic hydraulic components used in working machinery, their functions, purpose and presents basic calculations. Chapter two presents basic information on open, closed, constant output and constant power hydraulic systems. The ways of controlling the systems are discussed on the basis of hydraulic system diagrams. Chapter three presents current trends in drive systems used in working machines, i.e.: the driving mechanism, the turning mechanism, the rotation mechanism of the working attachment, and discusses the system of cooperation of the hydraulic cylinder with the working attachment working in the crank and lever system (chapter four). The manual presents a method for determining the forces and moments acting on work attachments generated by hydraulic cylinders (force) and hydraulic motors (torque). Chapter five is devoted to specialized control systems for work attachments in construction machinery. Chapter six presents basic information on maintenance and operation of hydraulic systems of working machinery, i.e.: unloading hydraulic systems, deaerating hydraulic systems, performing daily maintenance, replacing hydraulic components.

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